My Friend Pedro – A thrilling flash game for you

Are you looking for a cool flash game to play online? Are you bored of the current games you are playing. Well playing my friend Pedro is the perfect option for you if that is the case. This game is thrilling and exciting and the game will leave you wanting for more. Check out the game today and see how enthralling it is.


Pedro is a talking and floating banana who is introduced at the very beginning of this game. The banana is interactive but demands that you help it in killing off all the evil gangsters of town. Now the main character of this game by nothing but sheer coincidence happens to be an expert gunman but is on a certain dose of medication which has slowed down his perception. This can be equated to the slow movement one has observed in movies like the matrix where every action was a 100 times slower than the reality of the time of the deed. The companion you have in the game my friend Pedro has been bestowed with super powers almost to jump and shoot in an incredible way. Your task is to take your partner and help clean up the city of all the gangsters.

my friend pedro


To play this game you have to guide your character using the different buttons. Each button had a different function. The purpose was to help your character move through all of the seven levels of the game. The powers include you could aim and shoot using your mouse, leap, jump over walls, roll on the ground, you could even go on to slow time further so that it could lead to your advantage and you could move further into the game. The game offers a lot of ammunition and there are different ways to kill your foes and enemies. No other flash game can depict the bullet ballet game play in a better way.


  • The bullet time which is supplied in this game is incredible.
  • There is a whole variety of weapons which can be used to attack and kill the gangsters in the game.
  • The action which the game provides despite it being a flash game is really commendable.
  • The banana in my friend Pedro who is actually your companion is really funny and keeps you hooked.


  • The game only has 7 levels hence compared to others it is a very short game.
  • The gangsters who appear in the game can seem to be repetitive after a certain amount of time.
  • The boss fight sequence to some can work as a serious negative as it destroys the overall impact of the game.


Those who have already played the game my friend Pedro have scored it a very high rating of 8 out of a possible mark of 10. It is therefore a well appreciated and liked game and can be a great option for those looking for a fun and organised game to play in their free time.

Sport Games: Find Your Passion to Win

Do you have huge enthusiasm on video games? You’re not the only one and you don’t need to worry people would say that you are not grown up since you still love to play video games so much. Video game isn’t only entertainment for kids. Actually, most advanced games today have adult rating. There are many games required sophisticated skills and strategy, a level where most children couldn’t able to handle. Just like most game enthusiast, you must have your own preferred game genre and it isn’t a surprise that you love sport games.

Sport is a popular theme for video games. It has the same thing that makes video game so fun, the passion to win. These days, you can find game version for almost all sports known in this world. It is ranging from popular to special sports. Some popular sport games are including football games, soccer games, tennis games, basketball games, etc. Even for less popular sports like archery, shooting, rowing, etc, you can also find game version of it. Game developers really know how popular sports game is and even the highly popular sports game like Penalty Fever and NBA Action Series are among games with highest sales in the market. No wonder since those games offering graphic and gaming reality to its players.

The Most Successful Fighting Games

There are many computer games known by kids these days. The development of technology in gaming has brought great results to the rise of many computer based games for PC or consoles. Basically, these games can be categorized into several main genres. These genres are RPG or role player games, strategy games, sports games, fighting games, racing games, FPS or first person shooter games, adventure games and simulation games. Each genre has its own characteristics. There are many popular games title that comes from these genres. For racing games, the most popular games are Need for Speed, F1 Racing, Moto GP, Dirt and Gran Turismo.

Call of Duty is the most successful FPS games following by Medal of Honor, Sniper, Crysis, Battlefield and Sas Zombie Assault 4. All of these games offer a realistic game play and use many reference from realistic event, actual war event and geographical aspect. The last series of Call of Duty called Modern Warfare 3 has a magnificent scenarios take place in some major city of the world such as France, England, United States of America and even Sierra Leone. These realistic aspects bring more satisfaction for the gamers who play these games. Strategy games are also using these approaches to their game play. Some famous strategy games such as Age of Empire, Empire Earth or Rise of Nations use historical elements on their story. Some of these historical references are the Prehistoric Age, Chinese Emperor Age and Rome Emperor Age. The positive result is that the kids could learn some historical element from these games.


Other most successful genre of game is Martial Games or fighting games. Some notable titles are Tekken, Mortal Combat, Fatal Fury, Street Fighters, Chaos Faction and King of Fighters. Some of these games are fantasized entirely like Dragon Ball. It’s basically based on comic books story and all the characters could use some special attacks to harm their enemy. There is also cross over fighting games. These games usually combine the characters of two different sources. The examples of these games are Tekken VS Street Fighters and Marvel VS Capcom.