Trollface quest: entertainment at its best

Trollface quest is the latest flash fool charmingly game based on the beloved Internet meme. It is so ridiculous in its nature that the puzzle solving game genre might be brought back to life with the honest endearing take on its mantra to remain trolling. In Trollface quest you are going to solve 20 seemingly simple puzzles. The whole idea is to do it just the right way and don’t get caught by those ridiculous Trolls. This may not seem to be a very realistic game to play but for the present hectic times, this is an ideal game to play as you can really get your mind off things that are troubling you by playing this game. This innovative game will make you totally concentrate on the proceedings of the game and each time you clear a puzzle, you will feel elated with performance and soon be relieved of any stress that you were going through.

After playing the game trollface quests online, all I have to say “how could something as simple as this get me going for so long and without losing any interest”. This game is something clearly out the box and is one of the things that are much needed in the present humdrum lives of the people. It is much like an idiot test and makes you feel like one. The game has been designed keeping in mind that it has to fool us. You will get trolled so many times; sometimes at some levels in the game that you really don’t know if the game is taking a long time to load or are you just being trolled. It makes you feel so small that you are embarrassed and have to admit it, but this is definitely quite refreshingly stupid take on the trolling genre.


It is like the devil putting his minions to use to troll the heck out of the human race. It had me laughing hard hysterically every time I solved a puzzle. The uniqueness of the game is provided by its randomness as at times it becomes so evident that you can’t help but think that you are an idiot obsessed with this game, to be really honest, none of the puzzles is that obvious. The game has been ergonomically designed to be viral. It makes you remember the school days when you trolled everyone who you could. The developers of trollface quest have put a really nice spin on it. It is just plainly a work of genius or the stupidity that has still brilliance written all over it. The simple but subtle design makes you feel at home and helps in creating the whole troll atmosphere that the game is aiming for. The most common word on the internet to play this game is hell’s play. An advisory caution for people who get mad easily is that do not play this.

You must unravel some bizarre mysteries and have a real cool head while playing trollface quest as this will knock your guts out and put you think on a different level altogether.

Puppet soccer champions: perfect game to prove yourself the hero of football

Are you addicted to soccer, do you really find soccer the beautiful game that it is, then come a step higher and dwell into the craziness that is Puppet soccer champions league. See the puppets caricature the original players into something witty and humorous and set the soccer field ablaze on fire.

Smash and kick the football through the net and score goals at will in this addicting soccer game! Pick your favorite world team from Spain to Portugal, from the current world champions Germany to the free spirited Brazil and live the life as a famous footballer on the field. Feel the rush as you lose yourself in the liquid flow and mesmerizing effects. Play offense and defense as you ascend the throne of the World Cup ladder in Puppet soccer champions! Develop intricate strategies; go through the side like a silent assassin on the field or like an eagle piercing through the whole field. Turn your team into real champions

With over 32 countries and a huge number of individual players, this game will challenge the most sophisticated players to learn every individual’s skills and shortcomings. Use an individual’s ability to go alone or mesh the team together for an intricate display of passes. Do you have what it takes to be a winner? Have you got the skills to get the golden boot? Play as Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi or any of your favorite players and set the records as you progress through the game. Pass, shoot, dribble, do all you can, to take your passion to new highs in this gem of a game.

Play as a single player or take pride in bashing your friends as you will find that the path to victory has been set ablaze with countless goals, so unlock bonuses that will drastically increase your team’s chances at a Gold Medal! Perfect your headers and time your kicks to make a mockery of your opponents. Unlock bonus balls to spread the slime, ice, and gum making the play a nightmare for your opponent.

Upgrade your skills & unlock new characters as you collect coins for each goal and victory. Change the control method that suits your game best and give your puppet players the smell of victory. Just get your focus straight and you will find glory. Play as any of the positions on the field and learn the ropes to control the outcome. You must believe you are the best. Get your game face on, start kicking, start diving and start getting the feel of what is about to come.

You can learn a line from a win and a book from a defeat, so don’t lose heart. This is the Puppet soccer champions. So what are you waiting for when you have these interesting features to enjoy:

  • More than 30 national puppet teams representing your favorite players
  • 90 cartoon puppets and counting.
  • Trade goals for cool upgrades.
  • Split screen multiplayer functionality so friends come together on a single device for hours and hours of fun
  • You get Big giant heads on Puppet soccer champions

Whack your ex game: description, game play and who is it for

With the popularity of online flash games developers have started introducing simple stress and anger management games which are short and simply aimed at entertainment. These games are meant for those overstressed workaholics to take a few minutes off from their busy schedules and have a little fun. Whack your series has a series of many games like whack your boss, your teacher, your neighbor computer etc. This serious was basically introduced to take revenge from everything a person can really hate and want to take revenge from in his daily schedule.

whack your ex

Whack your ex is a fascinating and stress relieving game for the general people need to take revenge on their ex without hurting anyone. It is an inexpensive and entertaining way to deal with stress after a breakup. This game is a greatest stress reliever on the grounds that you can dispose of each of the pressures without actually physically hurting your ex. It is a beneficial couple’s treatment.

Whack your ex is an anger management flash game that allows you to bludgeon your ex. As you begin you will see two characters, one male and one female, just standing around waiting for the action. You can tap on the things at the base of the cartoon and use them as a weapon. Play this game and have a ton of fun even in a distressing circumstance.

Whack your ex This game is an innovative thought to reduce your stress on the grounds that after a separation many individuals attempt to end their lives. They even attempt to hurt their ex physically; however you can play this to hurt your ex without including in any wrongdoing. Playing this game and you will notice that you are feeling good and refreshed now with no resentment and dissatisfaction.   

Some of the indulging weapons which are available are listed below

  • Laptop- It can be used to bludgeon your girlfriend into pieces with blood coming out all over.
  • Feces- Select this option to attack with continuous feces
  • Shoes- Remove all her shoes from the closet and burn them in front of her. This has been the wish of many husbands or boyfriends when they see their closet full of all kinds of ladies shoes and they are getting late for office and can’t find where their shoes are.
  • Birthday Cap- In this option in which a monkey delivers your ex with balloons which causes her to be flown away and then thrown from a height.
  • Rocket launcher- Blow up your ex with a rocket launcher.
  • Boxing glove- Beat the hell out of your ex by thrashing them with boxing gloves.
  • Run away- There is an option with a car symbol, in this the girl actually runs away with the boyfriend’s dad

These are only few exciting options you really have to actually play the game whack your ex to get the actual excitement and thrill. The whack your ex game has numerous other imaginative weapons and ways in which you can take revenge.

New Versions of Mario Games

When you were young, there was a video game that you love to play and it was Super Mario. There are many reasons why you loved playing this game before. This game was fun and you could learn strategies while you played Super Mario games. There are a lot of Super Mario games versions. After years, Super Mario games are still popular. The versions of this game today even more that the versions when you were young. In the past, Super Mario games are only about adventure games to save the princess but now Mario gets involved in various jobs. Playing Super Mario games can be played not only in Nintendo like you did years ago because playing those games is possible in some websites.

One of the websites that you can visit to get fun with Cat Mario games is where various cool Super Mario games are ready to play anytime you want. The character of Cat Mario is made through some versions in the games collections of this website. How much money needed to enjoy those Mario games? You don’t need to spend money to enjoy all of those games. This website provides free Mario games for you. Whenever you want to play those games, you can do it even if it is in the middle of night. Every day, there are new Mario games you can play so you will never been bored with the games collection offered here. The games collection is updated and you can get fun with the most popular character in games world anytime you want.