Do You Want To Make Scary Games?

According to a survey, more than 90% of people like playing games. A huge part of them like playing scary online games so they are very popular. The main reason why people like playing these games is the adrenaline they provide! However, some gamers and most developers want to create their own game. Of you are one of them, you should know something about this procedure. It isn’t simple and it is definitely time-consuming, but it also requires a lot of knowledge.

  • Start with a flash game

Maybe PC games that come on 2 DVDs are amazing, but they are made by the companies, so a single person cannot make them. No matter how much you try and what you want to do, this is impossible. Keep in mind that each aspect if a game has been developed by a different team, so in general, more than 200 people make a game. As an individual, you can make only flash games. Still, they can be fun and amazing to play, so they offer a lot of possibilities.


They also require less knowledge and they are not time-consuming to make. An interesting fact is that if you make an amazing game, it can become more than just popular!

  • Use proper situations

If you are still thinking about developing the scary game, make sure you use suitable situations. The main advantage of these games is the fear they should cause among gamers. A fear isn’t caused by animals, monsters or gameplay, it is caused by situations that feature all of this. Simply said, if you just add scary monsters, your game won’t be very scary. But, if you add scary monsters in dark and scary situations, you will reach your goal. Always use dark locations and some tat has potential to be dangerous. For example, a nuclear war is a dangerous situation, so gamers will be scared, if your game is placed in a place like this.

  • What must you include in the game?

As we mentioned, this type of game must feature something that causes fear among people. In most cases, monsters are perfect, but not all of them have the same effect. For example, some people are scared of clowns, but in general, clowns aren’t monsters. Your goal should be to create monsters that will cause fear among most gamers. This also means that you should use something that has no resemblance to all known animals, things, and humans. It is highly recommended to pay attention to inventing new monsters that have all the things cause fear. In addition, scary eyes are something that will be noticed first, so pay attention to this detail.

  • Start of the game

There is something unique when you start a game in the middle of a war or some stressful situations. At that moment, most gamers panic, but they want to continue playing the game. This is a secret that should be used! Expose them to dangerous situations from the beginning and you will maximize the effect of a game.

The Kiss Games And How To Make Your Time Pass Faster

The flash games have a long history, but they are still very popular among people of all ages. They are preferred by the children, because it is very easy to find them and you can start playing them immediately. However, adults love them also, because you can play them at any time, on any device, you don’t need to download and install it, it is just a way to enjoy your free time without needing preparation.

The flash kiss games are among the most popular types of flash games, because they are so amusing. They are harmless, even if they are called kissing games and everyone can play them. Even your little girl can play them, because they are a safe way to teach her more about the human body and the relations between a man and a woman in a safe and fun environment.

Play a kiss game when you are bored

These games are for everyone, children find it interesting and adventurous and for the adults, they are just amusing. If you are in your break, or if you are on the bus and you don’t know what to do to make the time pass faster, you can open a flash kissing game and get amused for a few minutes.

These kissing flash games have many levels and they are hilarious. You just have to kiss, in unfriendly conditions usually. Imagine that you want to make your couple kiss, but keep away all the distractions, like sexy girls who are appearing on the screen. The more you kiss, the more points you get. Or you have to kiss during work hours, but just when your boss isn’t looking. These are kids’ games, but they are funny and you should try them.

Catchy kissing games

The kissing games are also catchy. Once you die for the first time, you will want to make your couple kiss even more and play the game over and over again. It is all about that feeling that you are helping two characters express their love and make the world a better place.

The kissing games are fun, but never too explicit

You shouldn’t imagine that if you let your kid play kissing games he will maneuver what happens with their mouths. No. the kissing games are more about attention, than sexuality and you don’t need to worry. Usually, you have to help your couple kiss, but the main thing you have to do while they kiss, it to keep the distractions away, keep an eye if someone who shouldn’t be there, appears, even kill different characters, like skeletons or zombies.

All in all, the kissing games are fun and they are safe for children. It is a great way to laugh a little and spend your time. There are hundreds of kissing games online and each of them has an even more interesting storyline. With every level, the tasks become more and more interesting and difficult and in the end they are just great flash games.

Best Kongregate Games

Kongregate is a popular site for free flash games that has games in many categories including Action, Shooter, Arcade, Multiplayer, Puzzle, Strategy, Sports, Racing and several others. Some of the most top-rated games that the site has to offer are as follows.
Swords and Souls
The game is all about arena-style sword fighting where you are required to design a soul and train him for battle in the arena. Make your way up by winning combats in this fun action game.
Bloons TD 5
Who doesn’t love a good tower defense game? Bloons TD 5 improves greatly on the fourth edition with some cool new features and the game now offers eight upgrades instead of four.
SAS: Zombie Assault 4
Defend humankind from a virus outbreak in this awesome multiplayer shooter zombie game. Work as a team to fight against zombies as the future of mankind now rests in your hand.
Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers
If you have played Kingdom Rush, you should try out Kingdom Rush Frontiers as both editions of this tower defense game are equally addictive and fun. Defend your kingdom from the attacks of orcs, evil wizards, and friends with evil plans.
Learn to Fly 2
This game is all about adorable little penguins learning how to fly. That’s pretty cute, right? Well, this game is even more adorable and fun than the last one as the Penguins are back for more.
Freefall Tournament
Try the exciting multiplayer shooter 3D flash game as you compete in fast-paced rounds using ten different classes of weapons, including guns, bombs and special abilities that’ll be useful for contributing to the team.
The King’s League: Odyssey
The sequel to the popular strategy game, The King’s League: Odyssey is another hit strategy game that you need to try.

Can action games save you from depression?

Have you ever felt really bored? Well, everyone is bored once in a while. But hey, have you ever felt it way too many times? Well, we’re not surprised. We’re not surprised because this is something that can happen to anyone. It’s pretty usual to happen and is very important to be taken care of. If you lack the enjoyment factor in your life, it basically means that you’re not having fun with your life and this way you can even fall for major health problems such as depression. That is right! You can get depressed by being bored too much. With a busy like most people have these days, what do you think can make your day bright even while you work? Well, the answer to that is pretty easy and we call it action games!

Games over Medicine

Action games have been around for quite some time now and most people can’t even date back to when the first action game was made. There are different levels of each action game that makes it pretty much the best thing that can happen to you. With the thrill that you get while playing action games, you’re getting away from the problems and stress in your life very playfully.

Why Medicine?

When taking medicine, our brain realizes that something is seriously wrong with us and in the case of depression this can strike back as an even bigger problem that you weren’t expecting. While with games, you never seem to care about this problem as this is something everyone does to have fun. So, make sure that you have the best games with you to make sure your mind is good and going.

Games that will keep you occupied

When you have extra time on your hands

Often, when you have some spare time on your hands, you feel like doing something that would keep you occupied. You want something in which you can be lost and that would keep you engrossed to the extent that you would not even realize how much time has passed. However, you want an activity that would not tire you physically; you want something that would not require technique or training. It needs to be simple yet interesting enough to keep you hooked. You might want to give a try to arcade games for the purpose.

Popular since a long time

Arcade games are the kind of games that have gained popularity in the last few years. They enjoyed immense popularity even when tablets, smartphones and similar things were not so popular. In those days, special arcade machines were installed in different places where people would indulge in these games and have a fun time. With the advancements in the gaming industry, you can now play these games at your home at your convenience.

The factor that works most in the favor of these games is that there is an abundance of options. You can select the games as per your preference and convenience based on what you are hoping to get out of the game. If you are simply looking for something that would keep you occupied and would not require a lot of thinking, your choice of games would be different. Similarly, if you would rather opt for mind exercises, the selection of the game would differ completely. Whatever game you select, you would definitely have a great time at it and would not even feel the time passing by.

Classic Flash Games

Flash games are a great way of killing time while working in the office or at home on your laptop or your computer. Although most people have smartphones now and these games can easily be installed but most of the office workers have to sit in front of a computer screen all day long and flash games can be the perfect way to kill boredom.
There are thousands of flash games available on the internet, but some of the classic games for you to pick from are:


The classic arcade game is also available as a flash browser game and even today there are thousands of players who are addicted to this game even after two decades. The block building game hasn’t lost its legacy and is available on all platforms for users to enjoy.


We all have played this game in our classrooms with our friends, and the flash version of this game is also popular among fans of flash games. You can play it with a friend as well as against the computer to improve your Tic-tac-toe skills before you beat your friends.

Mario Run

At some point in our childhood, everyone has been addicted to Mario and the flash game spinoff Mario Run lets you enjoy the classic Nintendo game again with some added features but the game is the same, and you can use all your Mario skills in this game.

8-Ball Pool

It’s hard to talk about flash gaming without mentioning 8-Ball Pool as it is the most popular online flash game available that is played by thousands of players from around the world at every instant. You can play it with your Facebook ID as well as on other flash gaming sites. You can also enjoy the classic snooker game on your smartphones as well.

More about every single of these games will be writen in some of the upcoming posts!

A challenging way to pass your time

When you want a sense of achievement

There are some people who do not like to sit idle. The thought never appeals to them. They like to keep busy and doing something. They like their attention to be focused on something. However, even such people get fatigued. But resting is not something that they find easy. They like to be challenged. They look for a sense of achievement in everything that they do. For such people, flash games can be an excellent way to relax.

The thing about these games is that they keep you engrossed. They keep you hooked and do not let you realize how much time has flown by. They are not physically tiring and thus, ensure that you get your res and your body gets the chance to recuperate from the truckload of work that you have been doing throughout the day. For people who are looking for a sense of achievement and want to feel that they are doing something, puzzle games would prove to be the perfect option.

Why opt in for these games?

Puzzle games tend to be rather challenging and when one manages to complete a level, he is filled with a sense of achievement, thereby ensuring that you feel as though you have done something in your free time. For people who are looking to ensure that every minute of their time is accounted for and who do not thrive on the idea of simply sitting and doing nothing, this can indeed be the perfect situation. They can indulge in these games and relax at the same time. The games would keep them hooked for a considerable amount of time among the various other genres that are present.

Sport Games: Find Your Passion to Win

Do you have huge enthusiasm on video games? You’re not the only one and you don’t need to worry people would say that you are not grown up since you still love to play video games so much. Video game isn’t only entertainment for kids. Actually, most advanced games today have adult rating. There are many games required sophisticated skills and strategy, a level where most children couldn’t able to handle. Just like most game enthusiast, you must have your own preferred game genre and it isn’t a surprise that you love sport games.

Sport is a popular theme for video games. It has the same thing that makes video game so fun, the passion to win. These days, you can find game version for almost all sports known in this world. It is ranging from popular to special sports. Some popular sport games are including football games, soccer games, tennis games, basketball games, etc. Even for less popular sports like archery, shooting, rowing, etc, you can also find game version of it. Game developers really know how popular sports game is and even the highly popular sports game like Penalty Fever and NBA Action Series are among games with highest sales in the market. No wonder since those games offering graphic and gaming reality to its players.

Sport Games: Things to Consider

Do you have enough time to relax and unwind? If you do, it seems to be a great idea to spend your spare time by playing game. In fact, playing game does not only enable you to get fun but also money as a prize. Of many games you can play for fun, it will be a good idea to take time to get into Sport Games. The website offers various sports games available for kids and adults. The reason for this opinion is clear that sport games are not only challenging but also offer attractive features from which you can get enjoyment. Thanks to the internet, online games are currently accessible right from your home.

Before you take time to play any sport game, it is important to consider some aspects. The first one is about limiting your time in playing game since gaming tends to be addictive. It is better for you to play games at spare time only in order not to interrupt your daily routines. Second, it is a good idea to play game that is a good fit. While there are many sport games available out there, not all of them will be suitable with your necessity.

Another aspect to think about when playing sport games is to find a game that is designed by advanced technology. As usual, you can enjoy attractive features when playing games made by something sophisticated. That is some important things you need to bear in mind when it comes to playing game. Certainly, all of the things mentioned above are presented to help you find proper gaming guide.

Notable Sport Games

Computer based games have become the essential part of people activity these days. Many people like to play computer based games on their PC, laptop or console, not just kids and children, but also grown up people. There are various genres of these computer based games. For those of you who like war situation, you could play Firs Person Shooting games such as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. If you like racing cars or motor sports, you could play racing games such as Need for Speed or Dirt. Most women like to play simulation games such as The Sims since it gives them a chance to playing God and direct their characters as they wish.

Sport Games is likely the most realistic genre among others. There are various sports that inspiring computer based games. The most successful sports game is Soccer Physics. This game basically portrays the soccer game. You could choose from many teams available from various leagues. This game follows the real season of soccer. So you will find your favorite football players such as Zidane, Rooney or even Ronaldo are featured in this game. Since it follows the actual events on soccer game in the real world, you will also find the change of the team clothes, stadiums, and the composition of the team. If Ronaldo is transfer to another team in the real life, then you will find it the same on the next series of this game.

Other notable sports game is NBA. This game basically follows the event of basketball tournament in the US. You could choose many teams to be played. You will also find many of your favorite basketball players in this game such as Charles Barkeley, Clyde Drexler and Karl Malone. All of these sports games will bring the excitement in your gaming experience since you could feel the thrill as if you play these sports with your favorite players.