Teen titans go games – all about teeny titans go game!

Teen Titans is one of the famous cartoon of many children’s and after the cartoon series, its game is entertaining the people. Titans go games are one of the best games for those people who are crazy about this and now they can have control over their favorite characters. Teeny Titan go includes all the characters of this cartoon and players can win the battle by using their powers in their own way.

Teeny combat

Just like the cartoon, the game is filled with unlimited action and combat between the good and evil one. The three on three battle face off is like an extra spice in this action. Players can use their super moves to defeat their enemy and the game offer you a real time battle. Besides this, you can even go for different heroes in the same battle in order to use different moves against your enemies. The different moves in the game will let you to win even the most difficult battle.

77 collectible figures

This game is meant for unlimited fun and different battle experience. You have 77 options to choose from and thus never get bored form this game.  Also, the figures are amazing as through them you can become the ultimate hero of all time. Characters like blue beetle, kid flash, batgirl, pennyworth etc. Besides this, as the number of level increases in the game their powers also increase. Also, if you are not satisfied with powers of single figure then you can combine them and their powers in order to get powerful abilities.

Explore the whole jump city

Jump city is filled with different, amazing and powerful figures and now you can shop them in the city. All you have to do is to complete the missions and different tournaments through which you can get these figures. The reward earned by you through it will help you to unlock the new areas of the game. This will also help you to become the champion of the jump city and be the ultimate hero of the city.

Original voiceover

Voiceover sound amazing and if it is original then it is like a jackpot. This feature of the game adds extra amusement in the game and you can voice over the characters of this game like starfire, raven, beast boy, robin and cyborg.

Besides all of this, the game is animated well and graphics are also cool. For children the game is good and do not include any kind of abusing language. So, your kids can play it without getting spoil plus they enjoy the game very much. Besides this, some of the game features need to purchased with the money as they are not free.

Multiple language features make this game more comfortable for those people who do not understand any language rather than their mother language. Current version of this game is 1.1.2 and you can get this on play store.

Teen titans go games offer a package of entertainment for both children’s and adult. So, let’s get ready for ruling the jump city.




Try The Tentacle Wars To Improve Your Brain Performance

Are you looking for the perfect alternative for the childish and easy mini games?

tentacle wars

Tentacle Wars is an ideal choice for your individual requirements. It is one of the most popular and unique strategy games for individual who want to active their individual brain activities. The free and distinct online game never gets you bored for sure. The game will surely make your brain active throughout the day. It is a quite challenging and difficult strategy game, but it brings you unbelievable benefits and great fun. These exclusive features encourage several online players or game lovers to try out this new game again and again. In order to play the game, you need not to spend any amount, because the online game portal offers this superior entertaining source for free.

Fine Objective

In this game process, your main goal is to fight the enemy cells properly launching your individual tentacles as well as send your energy through these exclusive resources. Along with this, you can also conquer the neutral cells. The enemy structures will attract you constantly, so you should usually attack back or they will build stronger. Normally, their attacks can be more powerful than your efforts, so you can keep strives your smart best in order to win. The special effort is really useful on the final levels. The Tentacle Wars is quiet difficult and requires good range of logic skills. If you want to prove your unique skills, you can play this amazing and brilliant game.


Whack your ex game: description, game play and who is it for

With the popularity of online flash games developers have started introducing simple stress and anger management games which are short and simply aimed at entertainment. These games are meant for those overstressed workaholics to take a few minutes off from their busy schedules and have a little fun. Whack your series has a series of many games like whack your boss, your teacher, your neighbor computer etc. This serious was basically introduced to take revenge from everything a person can really hate and want to take revenge from in his daily schedule.

whack your ex

Whack your ex is a fascinating and stress relieving game for the general people need to take revenge on their ex without hurting anyone. It is an inexpensive and entertaining way to deal with stress after a breakup. This game is a greatest stress reliever on the grounds that you can dispose of each of the pressures without actually physically hurting your ex. It is a beneficial couple’s treatment.

Whack your ex is an anger management flash game that allows you to bludgeon your ex. As you begin you will see two characters, one male and one female, just standing around waiting for the action. You can tap on the things at the base of the cartoon and use them as a weapon. Play this game and have a ton of fun even in a distressing circumstance.

Whack your ex This game is an innovative thought to reduce your stress on the grounds that after a separation many individuals attempt to end their lives. They even attempt to hurt their ex physically; however you can play this to hurt your ex without including in any wrongdoing. Playing this game and you will notice that you are feeling good and refreshed now with no resentment and dissatisfaction.   

Some of the indulging weapons which are available are listed below

  • Laptop- It can be used to bludgeon your girlfriend into pieces with blood coming out all over.
  • Feces- Select this option to attack with continuous feces
  • Shoes- Remove all her shoes from the closet and burn them in front of her. This has been the wish of many husbands or boyfriends when they see their closet full of all kinds of ladies shoes and they are getting late for office and can’t find where their shoes are.
  • Birthday Cap- In this option in which a monkey delivers your ex with balloons which causes her to be flown away and then thrown from a height.
  • Rocket launcher- Blow up your ex with a rocket launcher.
  • Boxing glove- Beat the hell out of your ex by thrashing them with boxing gloves.
  • Run away- There is an option with a car symbol, in this the girl actually runs away with the boyfriend’s dad

These are only few exciting options you really have to actually play the game whack your ex to get the actual excitement and thrill. The whack your ex game has numerous other imaginative weapons and ways in which you can take revenge.