Do You Want To Make Scary Games?

According to a survey, more than 90% of people like playing games. A huge part of them like playing scary online games so they are very popular. The main reason why people like playing these games is the adrenaline they provide! However, some gamers and most developers want to create their own game. Of you are one of them, you should know something about this procedure. It isn’t simple and it is definitely time-consuming, but it also requires a lot of knowledge.

  • Start with a flash game

Maybe PC games that come on 2 DVDs are amazing, but they are made by the companies, so a single person cannot make them. No matter how much you try and what you want to do, this is impossible. Keep in mind that each aspect if a game has been developed by a different team, so in general, more than 200 people make a game. As an individual, you can make only flash games. Still, they can be fun and amazing to play, so they offer a lot of possibilities.


They also require less knowledge and they are not time-consuming to make. An interesting fact is that if you make an amazing game, it can become more than just popular!

  • Use proper situations

If you are still thinking about developing the scary game, make sure you use suitable situations. The main advantage of these games is the fear they should cause among gamers. A fear isn’t caused by animals, monsters or gameplay, it is caused by situations that feature all of this. Simply said, if you just add scary monsters, your game won’t be very scary. But, if you add scary monsters in dark and scary situations, you will reach your goal. Always use dark locations and some tat has potential to be dangerous. For example, a nuclear war is a dangerous situation, so gamers will be scared, if your game is placed in a place like this.

  • What must you include in the game?

As we mentioned, this type of game must feature something that causes fear among people. In most cases, monsters are perfect, but not all of them have the same effect. For example, some people are scared of clowns, but in general, clowns aren’t monsters. Your goal should be to create monsters that will cause fear among most gamers. This also means that you should use something that has no resemblance to all known animals, things, and humans. It is highly recommended to pay attention to inventing new monsters that have all the things cause fear. In addition, scary eyes are something that will be noticed first, so pay attention to this detail.

  • Start of the game

There is something unique when you start a game in the middle of a war or some stressful situations. At that moment, most gamers panic, but they want to continue playing the game. This is a secret that should be used! Expose them to dangerous situations from the beginning and you will maximize the effect of a game.